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I’ve always loved languages – I know, it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true!
I vividly remember one school trip to Cracow I went on as a teenager. 

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t the city that made me excited – it was the foreigners speaking different languages. 

Scared, but enthusiastic, I randomly approached a foreigner on the main square to ask him about the time in English (even though I knew the time very well) – and I was filled with joy due to our small conversation – a joy of being understood and being able to communicate. 

To me, speaking a foreign language is truly magical – how else to describe a skill which allows you to transfer your ideas to another person’s mind and to grasp their thoughts via a stream of melodic sounds? 

Apart from Polish (which is my native language) and English, I also speak German and Hungarian, of which the latter is my passion. 

And so my journey of learning and teaching languages lasts up to this day.  I’d love you to join me so that we can explore them together.  


I’ve graduated from the University of Silesia, where I completed my BA in English Philology with German (translation and interpreting) and my MA in Business English with German. 

I’ve also completed postgraduate studies in teaching Polish culture and Polish as a foreign language at the University of Silesia (Szkoła Języka i Kultury Polskiej), which gave me qualifications to teach Polish to foreigners. 

Learning is a never-ending journey – hence I never miss a chance to attend extra trainings and workshops for language tutors (a list of completed trainings can be found here). Thanks to that, I keep up-to-date with new publications, methods of teaching and can improve my teaching skills to give you the best service.  


Throughout the years, I’ve cooperated with several language schools and institutions teaching Polish and English:

  • Inspiro Language Academy (Cracow) 

  • FES Centrum Edukacji Zagranicznej (Warsaw)

  • Lingopro (Tychy)

  • Ling Team (Cracow) 

  • Cześć! Polish for foreigners (Katowice) 

  • Kursy Języków Obcych Prolider (Świętochłowice) 

  • Futprints Foundation (Katowice)

In 2021, I opened my own language school, where I teach both English and Polish for foreigners. I specialise in teaching adults who want to focus mostly on speaking. However, I love grammar, too!

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